The Community

Listed below is just a few of the charitable organisations that Foxprint is dedicated to helping in the community locally and throughout the UK.

Twenty Twenty


TwentyTwenty, founded in Charnwood in 2007, is dedicated to a mission of helping disadvantaged, disengaged, and extremely hard-to-reach young people (aged 11-24) to succeed in education, thrive in their personal lives, and achieve long term employment.These are the building blocks of a bright future, that we help all our young people to create.


Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People

Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People we care for those with a terminal illness including a growing number of children with cancer. We provide specialist care and support to help children, siblings and family through the toughest days of their lives helping them to treasure every precious moment.

Care is provided by a professional team of highly respected nurses, carers and therapists together with a large support team, under the direction of a team of doctors providing specialist paediatric, palliative care for children in the hospice and in the community. Rainbows strives to help families escape from a hospital environment, focusing instead on a home like atmosphere.


Living Without Abuse

LWA based in Loughborough, North Leicestershire, and formerly known as Loughborough Women’s Aid, believes that all people have the right to live safely and without fear of violence and abuse. We can provide support to anyone experiencing or fearing violence or abuse from a partner, ex-partner or family member.

We are committed to raising awareness of domestic abuse, working towards its prevention and eradication, and assisting those affected by this crime.